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Creativity Private School (Manama)
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Creativity Private School (Manama)

Operational Hours

Sunday : 7:00 AM To 2:30 PM || Monday : 7:00 AM To 2:30 PM || Tuesday : 7:00 AM To 2:30 PM || Wednesday : 7:00 AM To 2:30 PM || Thursday : 7:00 AM To 2:30 PM || Friday : Day Off || Saturday : Day Off


Together we achieve: Creativity – Excellence - Quality
Our school provides the best educational services and practices to bring up a generation that elevates our homeland, Bahrain, worldwide.
Statement of Kindergarten and Our Philosophy
The Creativity Private School offers an American preparatory education within an environment in which Islamic values are not only respected but practiced.
CPS, an independent, not-for-profit organization, offers what is best about American education in order to provide an educational experience designed to promote the maximum potential of its students. The school will challenge and assist students to become intellectually adept, thoughtful, and ethical contributors to a global society.
The Kindergarten Program
The Kindergarten Program at the Creativity Private School is one of the best in Bahrain. With three levels of instruction, Pre-K, Kindergarten I, and Kindergarten II, CPS provides the foundation for social and academic learning for students between the ages of three and six.
The Creativity Private School is committed to providing a quality early childhood program that includes comprehensive learning experiences in a planned environment. We work closely with parents to ensure that the children’s school time experience is reinforced at home. Our Kindergarten is not a daycare. It is an environment that employs appropriate practices to meet the early developmental needs of children in a consistent and secure setting.
Our program focuses on the needs of the whole child: physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and familial. Activities and routines are based on sound educational practices and are built on children’s natural curiosity and problem-solving abilities. Children participate in many play and language activities and have the opportunity to work and play in small and large groups as well as individually. Our child-centered approach reflects an understanding of the needs of children in a complex society.
Our Pre-K program is designed for three and four-year-olds whose third birthday falls on or before December 31st of the academic year. PreK is usually a child’s first school experience, so a positive first year sets the stage for future disposition towards learning. The focus in PreK is on social, self-help, and language skills. Academic skills such as the concept of counting, recognition of colors and shapes, are introduced, and children are exposed to a variety of pre-reading activities in a fun, developmentally appropriate way.
Kindergarten I
Our KGI program is designed for four and five-year-olds whose fourth birthday falls on or before December 31st of the academic year. KGI is still a transition year from home to school and is the first school experience as well for children who have not attended Pre-K. In KGI children are exposed to hands-on, fun, and age-appropriate concepts and skills that will be presented in the Kindergarten II program in a more structured way.
KGI continues to focus on the development of social, self-help, and language skills. Pre-reading and writing concepts and skills include recognition of numbers, letters, shapes, and colors, as well as the correct use of classroom tools such as the pencil, scissors, and glue stick. Handwriting is introduced. Students learn to love and take care of books. Notions of science are presented through activities involving the use of the five senses. Social studies activities include the concept of community and recognizing Bahrain on a large map.
Kindergarten II
Kindergarten II is the equivalent of a Kindergarten program in the United States. KGII is designed for five and six-year-olds whose fifth birthday falls on or before December 31st of the academic year. The KGII curriculum continues to focus on oral language, listening, and social skills, while offering more structured approaches to academic concepts, in preparation for grade one. Children learn to recognize all upper and lower-case letters and initial consonant and long and short vowel sounds. Handwriting is continued and expanded upon. Children at this age are encouraged to be self-reliant and independent in the classroom.
In partnership with students, parents, teachers, and administrators, Creativity Private School accomplishes its mission by:
✔  Preparing young men and women as future leaders and contributing members in a global community.
✔  Challenging students to be critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and independent learners.
✔  Developing healthy personal, physical, social, and affective qualities through life skills education.
✔  Providing a safe, orderly, and nurturing environment.
Integrating technology as an instrumental tool in the learning process and Valuing diversity and respect for other cultures
✔  The primary role is to give each student a firm foundation and the confidence to excel through new experiences.
✔  The core curriculum objectives are clearly defined for each subject area, building on skills mastered at each grade level.
✔  Teachers provide for individuals, as well as a small and large groups, instruction based upon the needs of the students.
✔  Teachers attempt to relate the experiences of the students in their own culture to those in the content areas being studied so that connections can be made in understanding new concepts.
✔  Text and workbooks are utilized to reinforce the content area skills being taught in the classroom.
✔  Additional resource materials, supplied by the school and teachers, enhance the curriculum as supplementary materials.
✔  The curriculum emphasizes English skills, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Special areas of instruction include reteaching for students needing additional support, Physical Education, Art, and Computer.


Curriculum Guide
To access please click this link (sign in with school account required): (Download guide)
Career Guidance Program
Inspired by CPS's mission to empower each student to be a thinking and life-long learner, and in an effort to support the students to choose a suitable major for them, we will create the “Career Guidance Program”. It aims at helping the students from grades 9-12 to get adequate information about the different careers. It also helps them make the right decision in regards to matching their majors for the right career. The procedure for this program is:
1.  Every student shortlists the careers they are planning to pursue in the future.
2.  The counselor creates a list of the student- names and their choices.
3.  The counselor has list parents and alumni in different careers and distributes the students according to their career choice.
We expect that parents cooperate with us and explain this idea to their children to make use of this program.
Students may apply for admissions during the school year but they will not be accepted unless they complete the following:
Step 1
The student sits for the exam or attends the entrance interview on the date announced by the Administration. The interviews for pre-school and first grade are usually in the second month of the second semester. The exams for grades 2 and above are usually nearer to the end of the second semester.
Step 2
Parents of children who have been accepted are required to pay the scheduled school fees according to the school policy.
Step 3
To finalize the registration process, parents must complete the Online Admission Form.
There are three requirements which the student must meet in order to be considered for enrollment at CPS
The student's age must be within the range required by the Bahrain government. At the level of pre-school and grade 1, this means that the child must reach the required age before the end of the month of December in the year of entry.
For a child entering grades 2 and above, the parent must submit records from the student's current school showing that the child is at a level of or above.
For a child entering at any grade level, he must achieve at least the minimum requirement on the CPS entrance tests. Applicants achieving a score lower than the minimum requirement will not be considered for enrollment.
Of the students who meet the three requirements listed above, the CPS Admissions Committee will make its selection according to the following priorities:
•  Children who have brothers and/or sisters already enrolled at CPS (first-come-first-served according to the official date of the completion of the applicant’s file in CPS).
•  Children who do not have brothers and/or sisters already enrolled at CPS (first-come-first-served according to the official date of the completion of the applicant’s file in CPS).
The Learning Center Program
The objective of the Learning Center at the Creativity Private School is to provide assistance to elementary students,. Students who will be serviced are:
•  Those demonstrating pervasive academic difficulties (i.e., in many areas of the English curriculum)
•  Those demonstrating the need for remedial assistance in one specific content area (e.g., telling time, math facts, reading charts, maps, phonics, sight words).
This is not a program for meeting the needs of ESL students. ESL will deliver that program.
Child Study Team (CST) involvement will be required for those students who are presenting pervasive academic difficulties and showing minimal success in the Learning Center or modified instruction. These students may be referred to outside professionals for evaluation. If the student is deemed to require intensive remedial assistance, a meeting with the parents will be held to discuss other options.
Language Enrichment Program (ESL)
CPS policy states that English proficiency is a requirement for admission, but because our students live in Arabic environment where family ties and local culture are extremely important, their English may not keep up with the demands of the curriculum unless all teachers use ESL techniques and are sensitive to the ESL needs of their guidance.
Library / Media Services
The In-class Library is a wonderful place to encourage reading for pleasure or to do school research. Books may be checked out for use with the exception of Reference materials. Students are considered responsible for any materials checked out by them. Lost materials must be replaced and a fine will be charged for something lost. Overdue books or lost books will result in the withholding of a child’s report card until the replacement fee is paid.
School Academic Support Special Services Counseling
The school employs a full-time counselor. The counselor is available to assist students in developing positive attitudes toward themselves and others. In addition, the counselor often acts to coordinate the resources of the school to assist children with particular academic, social or emotional problems.
Special Learning Support: SLS
Special Learning Support (SLS) is for students in grades 1-9 who are needing academic assistance in an area other than Math. If a classroom teacher has an ongoing student concern, the parent is first contacted by this teacher.
Fees Structure and Policies 2016-2017
Tuition Fees Grade 1-6
Registration Fees (For New Student Only) : BD30/-
School Fees : BD870/-
Books : BD245/-
MAP (1-8) : BD100/- per academic year
UCMAS (Mental Math) : BD140/- per academic year
Learning Resource Materials : BD50/- per academic year
Grand Total = 1,405/-
Transportation Fees (Yearly)
Round trip transportation BD400/- must be paid in full before school start.
No refund policy after 1month of using transport and decided to pull out.
Registration Fee for New Student – BD30/- non refundable
Payment Procedures
1st Advance Payment = February
BD400/- Kindergarten
BD500/- Primary
2nd Advance Payment = 50% total balance of school fees must be paid on or before 30th May.
3rd Final Payment = must be paid on or before 30th June (current year.)
Failure to settle fees on schedule date:
1. Students is not accepted to attend her/his class.
2. No re-registration for next academic year.
3. Stop the bus service
Withdrawal of Student
The following procedures will apply:
1. Under no circumstances the registration fees, books and stationary will be refunded.
2. If you wish to withdraw your child, the registration and the advance payment of (BD400/-) (BD500/-) (BD600/-) will not be refunded.
3. For students withdrawing from 30th June, the 1st semester will not be refunded.
4. For students withdrawing from 1st August onwards the fees must be paid in full.
Creativity Private School has contracted with House of Uniforms for the schools’ uniforms.


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