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Little Gems Pre-school
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Little Gems Pre-school

Operational Hours

Sunday : 7:30 AM To 1:00 PM || Monday : 7:30 AM To 1:00 PM || Tuesday : 7:30 AM To 1:00 PM || Wednesday : 7:30 AM To 1:00 PM || Thursday : 7:30 AM To 1:00 PM || Friday : Day Off || Saturday : Day Off



Little Gems Pre-School is a leading provider of early education for children in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Established in 1993, the School is renowned for its “Learning Through Play” philosophy that fosters curiosity and effective communication, cognitive, motor, and critical thinking skills.

Little Gems follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, a proven academic framework based on seven key areas of learning structured to nurture a child at this crucial developmental age.

At Little Gems, we prepare your child for ‘big’ school and enjoy strong relationships with leading schools in the Kingdom. Our students stream into the Country’s top performing schools.

Situated at a prime location and featuring bright and airy classrooms, large covered playgrounds and large inside play area, our CCTV monitored campus includes a well-stocked library, and an NHRA approved Nurse’s Clinic with a fully qualified Pediatric Registered Nurse.

Our passionate and caring team of teachers encourage children to learn at their own pace and positively reinforce the development of behaviours that support your child to reach their full potential. The School has an excellent adult: child ratio of 1:5 in Pre-Nursery classes and 1:6 in Nursery classes to guarantee that every child receives the attention they need. All teaching staff are either British or US certified and hold pediatric first aid certifications so that you can rest assured your little ‘Gem’ is in safe hands.

Mission Statement

We foster curiosity, inspire creativity, and encourage critical thinking so that our students have a strong foundation for the rest of their learning lives.

Pre-Nursery Classes

We are very excited to welcome our littlest ‘gems’ to our Pre-Nursery classes designed to encourage the social and language development of children between the ages of 18 months to 3 years.

Classes follow a daily routine to provide a sense of security. Daily arts and crafts activities support the development of fine motor skills, whilst fundamental academics such as numbers, colours and shapes are introduced during ‘circle time’ through songs, rhymes and interactive activities that engage and stimulate learning.

Pre-Nursery class timings are 8am to 12pm and children can attend 3, 4, or 5 days per week. There is an early drop off and after school care programme available on request where children will engage in extra-curricular fun learning activities under the supervision of an experienced Early Learning professional.


Welcome to Little Gems Nursery where we support our bigger ‘gems’ to take the next step in their personal and academic development and prepare them for ‘big school’ Reception. Nursery classes cater to the developmental needs of 3 to 4-year-old children and your child starts working towards achieving the British Early Learning Goals in particular those focusesd on numeracy, literacy and independence. Exploration and learning through play ensure your child’s day is filled with fun and joy, while a strong emphasis is also placed on numeracy and literacy and the world around them. In Nursery classes the phonetic alphabet is introduced using the Jolly Phonics scheme and there are daily pre-reading and writing activities to prepare children for their Reception year.

Nursery classes, which are for children who are fully toilet trained and out of pull ups, commence at 7.45am until 12.15pm and children must be registered to attend 5 days per week. There is an early drop off and after school care programme available on request where children will engage in extra-curricular fun learning activities under the supervision of an experienced Early Learning professional.

Arabic Classes

Little Gems is proud to provide an optional comprehensive Arabic language programme for your child. Our Arabic programme is well reputed with a dedicated team and classrooms that prepare children streaming into the top Arabic schools in Bahrain.

Students aged 2 years and above are invited to attend spoken Arabic lessons five times a week for Pre-Nursery (2 to 3 year old) and Nursery (3 to 4 year old) students.

After School Programmes

Being creative, social and having fun while learning is what Little Gems is all about! Our After School Programme, which changes every term, offers something for every child.

The Programme includes interactive Arabic classes, Arts & Crafts, Interactive Reading Club, and Dance & Movement to name just a few! Call +973 17694356, or email to find out more and register.

You can register your child at the School’s administration office for any School Programmes.

Registration & Fees

We are delighted that you are considering Little Gems to be an important part of your child’s developmental journey at this critical stage in their learning lives!

Please note that Pre-Nursery children may be registered to attend either 3,4 or 5 days per week. Also note that Pre- Nursery students who begin the academic year on a part time basis cannot be guaranteed extra days later on in the same school year due to availability and to ensure that the optimum student to teacher ratio is maintained. Part time Pre-Nursery children may not be accommodated for special events including school photograph days and parties. They may also miss out on certain activities such as dancing and P.E, as these are scheduled on the same day every week and changed on a per term basis.

Nursery children must be registered to attend 5 days per week.
Please note the schedule of fees below. You may click here to register your child for the upcoming school year.
Please find the schedule of fees for 2020-2021 below:
Year Group Attendance Fees Per Term
Pre-Nursery 5 days per week BHD 770
4 days per week BHD 685
3 days per week BHD 605
Nursery 5 days per week BHD 795
School Fee Policies



  • Fees are payable per term as per the due date stated on the invoice (The school reserves the right to request a deposit for school fees in advance of the due date)
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Fees are accepted only in Bahraini Dinar as cash or a cheque drawn from a local Bahraini bank (postdated cheques are not accepted) benefit pay or credit/debit card.
  • Invoices are issued one month prior to payment due date.
  • If fees are not settled by the due date a child’s place cannot be guaranteed.
  • Fees paid are non-refundable unless written notice is given by email in person at the Little Gems administration office prior to the start of the term. 50% of fees will be refunded, excluding any deposit.
  • Refunds given after the term has started are pro rata, not exceeding 50%.
  • Fees are due for the entire term regardless of student absences or holidays.
  • The school reserves the right to increase fees during the school year.
  • Once the school term commences fees can only be refunded under the following circumstances:
  1. The child has not settled, and it is agreed between the school and the parents to try again at a later date.
  2. The child is excluded by the school.
  3. The child has to leave for compassionate reasons (the school will assess each case individually).
  4. The child’s family is relocating and leaving Bahrain. (The school requires a month notice and a stamped letter from the parent’s company of employment stating that the family will not be returning to Bahrain in the next 6 months).
  5. Refunds will not be given under any circumstances should Little Gems Pre-School be closed due to any ministry directives, cases of COVID within the school or other extenuating circumstances related to Coronavirus / COVID-19 or other strains of the virus..

We are proud of the Little Gems uniform and ask that you ensure your child is dressed in the correct uniform daily. The Little Gems uniform is available at The House of Uniforms located in Aali Mall, Seef Area.


Blue and white pinstripe tunic top

Navy blue cotton shorts

Navy blue sun hat with logo


Blue and white pinstripe tunic top for girls

Navy blue leggings (3 different lengths available)

Navy blue sun hat with logo

Please note that for safety reasons flip flops and Crocs are not permissible.
Drop Off & Pick Up

The school gate opens at 7.40am every day to welcome our little gems! To ensure safety and a smooth flow in the morning, parents are requested to follow safe driving outside Little Gems. The safety of our children is of paramount importance and as such we ask drivers to remain under the speed limit of 15 km/p and refrain from using mobile phones to remain focused as little gems can move fast!

Early Drop Off & After School Care Programme

At Little Gems we understand the pressures of work and parenting and strive to make your day that little bit easier with Early Drop off & After School Care Programmes provided at an additional cost.

If you need to drop your children a bit earlier than regular class timings, we provide an Early Drop Off Programme at an additional cost. An experienced Carer will supervise your child and engage them in activities from 7.10am until the regular class begins.

For parents who are unable to collect their child at the end of regular class timings, After-School Care is available at an additional cost.

Children will participate in different activities every day until 1.15pm.


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